Victory Day
in all languages


May 9, — 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, is coming.

We paid a heavy price for our victory. The unity of all nations against the enemy saved the world from fascism.

There wasn’t a single nation in the USSR and Europe that didn’t stand up to fight the fascism. That’s why Victory Day is a holiday for all people around the world.

On this day we suggest you to sing in different languages the most famous and favorite song about the World War II — «Victory Day».

Choose your native language or other language you like. Sing the heart-warming verses in any language presented. More than a hundred translations into different languages of the Russian Federation and other countries of the world are available here on this website.

This campaign is a symbol of multinational union of our people.

We believe that these two words — «Victory Day» —are sacred and clear to anyone who honors the memory of ancestors.

The best videos made during this campaign will be posted on social media and shown on central TV channels.

Congratulations on a Victory Day!

More than 1.2 million people took part in the «Victory Day in different languages» campaign

Lev Leshchenko-launched the international campaign «Victory Day in all languages»

ISS cosmonauts supported the campaign «Victory Day in all languages»

Employees of Regardie sang «Victory Day in different languages»

Russian military personnel in Syria supported the campaign «Victory Day in all languages»

Sing at home

May 9, 2020 sing a «Victory Day» together with people of Russia and other counties of the world


Choose the language and open the lyrics of a song

read the lyrics in different languages in advance

Sing loud together with your neighbors

«Victory Day» performed
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«Волонтеры Победы» в разных странах исполнили #ГимнПобеды

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